Coville Challenge Inc has been providing consulting services in a variety of areas since 1983.

Principally providing Classic Project Management in Construction & Development, the firm has also provided numerous Presentations, Workshops, Facilitation and Training on land use, personal development, community development and organizational development.

We have been engaged to troubleshoot various issues in these areas and have through collaborative processes developed outcomes addressing the needs of the individual project.

Areas of practice:

  • Construction and Development
  • Personal and Community Development
  • Special Projects
  1. Coordinating charrette style public participatory regional land use planning initiative
  2. Forest Sector Economic Development Study w/Action Plan and rezoning
  3. Public information / feedback sessions regarding land use initiatives
  4. Addressing affordable housing resistance for a municipal authority
  5. Coaching of couples / personal development group seminars
  6. Development and delivery of Aging Successfully seminar series
  7. Numerous group & program development and facilitation workshops / events
  8. Consulting and analysis of energy efficient technologies and applications
  9. And numerous presentations & special projects about waste management, land use, cohousing & shared living, personal development, group processes and other socially and ecologically responsible topics.

The discipline of Project Management is about providing the tools and techniques that enable the project team (not just the project manager) to organize their work to meet the objectives of the project, within appropriate budget and timing constraints.

It includes managing risk and solving problems of resource management, weather conditions, human resources, addressing issues around financial requirements, legal and technical issues, scheduling and whatever other aspects are required for each particular project.

The Project Manager is typically the point person focusing the resources required to achieve the objectives of the project in the best interest of the client; essentially taking the kernel of an idea through the various stages required to bring it into reality. And classic Project Management applies these techniques across a wide spectrum of project types.

Purpose of this website

The mission of this website is dual-purpose. On the one hand as an introduction to Coville Challenge Inc and secondly to provide you with information about various topics about which we have developed some expertise over the years.

The website topics include:

+ A Corporate piece with pictures, testimonials and projects to help you get to know us

+ An Ecologically responsible piece – Tech Talk – GreenĀ  Products Review (in layman’s terms) This is to provide information, insight and ultimately some techniques to help you in your decision making in both maintaining and enhancing your home and quality of life.

+ A Socially responsible piece – Community Living – This provides information, insights and procedures about cohousing and shared living (Covivenza) to help you develop and enhance your quality of life as applies to living in-community.

+ There is also a Blog section under Recent Posts and Archives which contains subject material relating to all the above areas of interest

Welcome, we hope you find this site informative and helpful; if we can be of further assistance to you please contact us through the Contact Us Page in the Corporate Section.

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