Air quality, furnace filters, Ultimate vent make for healthier homes

Air quality, Furnace filters, Ultimate Vent

Air quality is becoming increasingly important as the incidence of asthma and allergies are on the rise. In addition our houses are becoming more and more air tight and the air we bring in and circulate deserves particular attention, which is the topic of this post.

Again the technology is changing and some very interesting products have been developed by people in the field, to improve air quality and upgrade air handling in general.

For your own home maintenance information furnace air filters should be changed or cleaned monthly during the heating season. Otherwise conventional filters can become clogged and restrict air flow in your furnace, negatively impacting your furnace performance and costing you more for less.

MERV ratings (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) are how furnace filters are rated with the higher numbers being more efficient. Many people use single-use filters. Some of the higher performing filters cost quite a bit of money, particularly considering ongoing filter changes.

A very good lifetime furnace filter has been developed by a tradesman very familiar with the field that has exceptional performance and a lifetime guarantee. The same company has developed air vents for the interface between the inside and outside.

Recognizing that 90% of dirt and pollutants come from outside the home, Ultimate Vent Inc created an intake air vent for furnace make up air, combustion air and HRV’s that pre-filters the air before it enters the house. They have also developed a superior exhaust vent that has a spring loaded damper that provides a positive close unlike many of our bathroom exhaust vents that leak air and flap annoyingly in the wind. These exhaust vents also discourage birds and other animals from making a home in your walls or ducts.

Information and products are available through their website at:

The treatment of air has moved to new levels with the introduction of Ultraviolet (UV) air treatment. UV’s have been a part of the water treatment process for a long time and the claim is that it harnesses the power of the sun or more natural cleansing processes.

There are stand alone units as well as ones that attach to your forced air system. They are supposed to be very effective at eliminating viruses, bacteria, mold, corrosive gas and odor. And it is done in the same way the sun does it, in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

There are a few options available from fairly expensive systems like Odorox to ones provided by Honeywell. Some produce ozone others do not. Some have one lamp, others have two and effectiveness of the system seems to be a product of how close air comes to light being radiated.

We have no particular opinion about the systems but if they are effective in eliminating many of the flu viruses and other more virulent diseases, then it has got to be a good thing. A good website for more information about UV systems is:

For more information of other “green” products See Tech Talk – Green Products Review at the Coville Challenge website

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