Community Living & Community Development

This section is devoted to Community Living and Community Development with a specific focus on Cohousing and Shared Living which I refer to as Covivenza from the Italian word for `cohabitation`.

It has been conclusively proven that “our health and well being is directly related to our social connectedness”. This information is from Covivenza’s website referencing scientific studies supporting this statement; follow this link about health studies.

Living `in community` and social connection is good for us spiritually, emotionally and financially. It is good for our health and the health of the planet and is therefore “green living” at its best.

It enables us to enhance our quality of life, reduce our ecological footprint and save money at the same time, which is contrary to most things that enhance quality of life and / or reduce ecological footprint.

In this section we explore Community Living and Community Development generally as it applies to Cohousing and Shared Living (Covivenza). In these pages, we examine the benefits and available resources; and we provide tools to assist others in their community development and living in community.

There is already extensive information and resources on Shared Living (Covivenza) on the Covivenza website where they examine the many ways shared living is manifesting itself in today`s world like:

+ Roommates4boomers (for single women over 50)

+ The Vancouver Collective Housing Network or

+ CoAbode (for single moms) or

+ Solterra Co-Housing (for seniors)

The Covivenza Housing website is a collaborative initiative with Coville Challenge Inc.

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