Coville Challenge’s Tech Talk – A green products review

Tech Talk – Green Products Review

The whole construction industry is changing at a very rapid pace responding to a variety of needs including increased ecological sustainability. It can sometimes be challenging knowing what are the best choices for your particular needs. More and more whole system thinking is needed to integrate the right products for your particular objectives.

In these pages we will be introducing various “green” products that we have used or are familiar with and provide some information in layman’s terms about the relative benefits and usefulness of the products.

This is not meant to be an exhaustive review, critique nor endorsement of the products. It is simply meant to provide information about the changing technologies and products that are being developed that enhance our ecological footprint.

Green Products and Services

Liquid RubberIs a VOC and solvent free waterproofing product used on basements (Approved for ICF) and roofs and protecting from corrosion. It has amazing elasticity and is very durable.

Ultimate Vents Inc - They produce exceptional vents at the home exterior to filter incoming air before it enters house and have exhaust vents with positive seal. Great for LEEDs credit and blower testing. They also have superior lifetime furnace filters with a very high MERV rating.

Hoyme Dampers – These dampers control inflow air for furnaces and hot water combustion and make up air. They open on demand are otherwise closed with a default power off mode that is open. These effectively close 6″ holes in every home that are normally open for combustion and make up air. Good for LEEDs credits and improving blower tests.

In’Flector See Through Radiant Barrier Insulator – These screens or blinds insulate against heat and cold, and can provide passive solar heating in the winter. See more on next page or go to their website by clicking this link.

Live Roof - This Green Roof system can reduce warm weather roof temperature by 6-8 degrees and extend roof life 200 to 300%. Additionally it can mitigate storm water by absorbing 95% of a 1″ rainfall and slowing the off flow of storm water.  Designed by growers it contributes to LEEDs credits, reduces heat island effect and adds to ecological sustainability.

Wind power for residential purposes has just had a breakthrough with the Honeywell’s Windtronics WT 6500 Wind Turbine. They call it their Gearless Blade Tip Power System and it has been gaining a lot of interest in green energy circles. A modest size low noise system it virtually turns the wind generation process inside out and starts generating power as low as .5 mph winds, whereas current systems do not start until 7-8 mph winds. For more information follow this link to Windtronics

ENMAX Energy is giving Albertans an easy solution for generating their own solar or wind power at home. Visit

Other Links and Resources

The Green Wombat – Green Wombat is written by Todd Woody, a veteran environmental journalist based in California who writes for The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, Grist and Yale e360.

Riva’s Eco Store – Providing Calgarians with non-toxic solutions to improve their health, clean up their homes, and to better our World

Climate Change Central – Climate Change Central is a non-profit organization that empowers Albertans to take action on climate change through consumer rebate programs, demonstration projects and educational outreach. The organization has also been instrumental in the collective effort of developing a provincial carbon market, the first in Canada

For information on other “Green” Products See Tech Talk at the Coville Challenge website

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