Project Pictures

Notes to the pictures:

The rubber floors were so comfortable in the Duffin Barn that the horses did not want to leave

The Candel Residence completely retrofitted a 30 year old house built with 2×4 construction; and modernized it with an exceptional energy efficient building envelope and updated mechanical systems including triple glazed windows, cellulose fiber insulation and spray foam insulation in certain areas. Then the whole building envelope was cover with 2″ extruded polystyrene insulation to reduce thermal bridging. The furnace was upgraded to high efficiency and and an on-demand hot water system were also incorporated.

The Herchen Residence is an ICF (Insulated Concrete Form) home from footings to roof. Other insulation is cellulose fiber in areas of the roof and the turret is spray foam insulation made of recycled plastic bags and soy oil. Halogen lighting, high efficiency furnaces and on-demand domestic hot water were incorporated here for the mechanical systems.

The Anderson Residence is another ICF house from footing to roof with the roof insulation comprised of spray foam insulation. The integrity of the building envelope is further enhanced by triple glazed windows and insulated rollco shutters. In floor radiant heat, ultra high efficiency boilers, on-demand domestic hot water and HRV ventilation systems are some of the mechanical systems that enhance the home. Certain other features like an elevator and ergonomically appropriate appliances enhance accessibility, fiber optics for high efficiency lighting and low maintenance exterior finishes make this a unique home. An infrared camera operator indicated he had never seen such an energy efficient house in his life. The only cold transfer he could find in the whole house was the metal glazing bars at the edge of the windows.

CV Solar is being planned with solar thermal panels on the sloped roof area for domestic hot water and passive solar at the open porch area which will have 12 foot floor to ceiling windows. As well as a superior building envelope incorporating the Inflector See Through Radiant Barrier Window Insulator and mechanical systems that further reduce the buildings ecological footprint, the green roof will provide the following benefits:

  • - It will extend the roof life 200-300%
  • - Cool summer temperatures by 6-8 degrees
  • - Mitigate storm run-off (can absorb 1″ of water & slows off flow)
  • - Provide noise reduction of 40 decibels

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