Current Projects

This space is to highlight current and future projects. Some of our projects are still conceptual and we are looking for sponsors and partnerships to help expedite these. If you have an interest in one of these please get in touch through the Contact Us page in the Corporate Menu. For examples of past projects please go to Project Pictures page

1. Current – Solar enhanced retrofit addition

(Update Jan 20, 2012) – This project has been moving along to a point where the finish work and painting is being completed and cork floors now being installed. The project included a 16′ x 28′ addition, removal of the existing roof then adding a second floor over the addition and over half of the existing house. Then reconfiguring a new roof over the balance of the existing house and adding a porch roof at the front of the house that addresses the street in a more aesthetically pleasing way.

The building envelope is super insulated starting with 2″ styrofoam insulation over the concrete foundation to the footing, triple glazed windows, the walls have 1/2 lb foam and the underside of roof has 2 lb foam sprayed in place. The existing attic has R50 of spraed cellulose fiber insulation.

The south side has virtually wall to wall foundation to roof double glazed windows that dramatically enhance the sun’s passive heat contribution to the house. These have Rolco shutters that close on demand and provide R-7 to the building envelope integrity on the south side.

The integrity of the building envelope allows for a more modest approach to heating and as a result a mix of enhancements have been undertaken to serve any heating requirements. The existing furnace has diverted 3 heat runs and added one new run into the new areas, a gas fireplace has been added in the main addition area which can convectively heat the upper floor through the use of a light well on the south walls which vertically spans the two floors. The bathroom has under-tile floor heat for the luxurious feel this provides and for those particulaly cold days when additional heat might be required individually controlled electrical fan coils and electric baseboards are provided for back up.

This mix of heating sources from passive solar through active systems allows a flexible strategy that can respond to changing needs in all conditions, provides for back ups in the case of failure of any one of the systems and along with the integrity of the building envelope will provide great economics over the life of the building.

Additionally, piping has been run for future solar domestic hot water hookup. And an HRV system provides for fresh air handling in the new areas of the house. The exterior has a low maintenance exterior with stucco, smart trim and vinyl window.

We will provide some pictures soon!

Exterior before

Exterior After

2. CV Solar

(Status update Jan 2012) Concept drawings are complete and we are working on the mechanical systems, pricing the development and looking for partners in the project.

CV Solar Street Elevation 2010

CV Solar Main floor 2010

3. Net Zero Cottage

(Status update Jan 2012) This particular project is on hold as the subject site has been taken off the market.

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