Yurt living

Yurts have been around for a very long time.

Some choice facts about yurts include:

  • Genghis Khan conquered central Asia and a most of eastern Europe living in yurts.
  • And modern yurts have been known to withstand hurricane force winds and earthquakes.

They are an economical way to house ourselves and are being increasingly used for leisure-recreational housing by governments, resorts and other organizations.

When we stayed in one during the fall season at the west coast we found it very cozy. Reflective technology and the curve shape makes them surprisingly energy efficient from a heating perspective. Heated by a gas fireplace I noted that the air seemed to circulate so that the ambient temperature was even throughout as opposed to being hot at the ceiling and cool at the floor. While is was only a cursory experiment, I believe it would make a difference how you configure the inside as to how heat was being distributed.

One drawback is that like a tent sound transfer is very much like that of a fabric structure, which it is. However it is a relatively inexpensive housing solution that has a remarkable survivability factor which combined with compost toilet and solar water and electricity lends new meaning to living with a smaller ecological footprint

For more information on yurts see the following link Yurtco to Canada’s number one yurt manufacturer.

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