Testimonials & Client Comments include:

“…… highest praise to offer for technical know-how, familiarity with the construction community, scrupulous honesty and meticulous attention to: detail, cost discipline, cost accounting.” L. Cross

“…. meets and exceeds any standards that anyone might reasonably have for a contracting company.” T. Ehlen

“….. we had three criteria in mind (for building contractors): Expertise, Honesty and Good value. …we can confidently say they met these criteria to the fullest. We also enjoyed one extra bonus: Good service.” D. Lin

“….. exceeded my expectations by a considerable margin.” S. Taylor

“He is intelligent, highly organized, capable and competent. He is honest to a fault and well able to deal with issues as they arise. He is a valuable asset to any organization …” commenting on Project Manager and Operations Manager positions with Jameswood Homes (35+ employees) — D. James, 2006

I have worked with Marc on real estate construction and development projects for the past seven years.  We have done small and large projects and Marc was the project manager,  completely in charge. ……………….

Marc’s knowledge of all aspects of construction is extentive to say the least.  Marc is extremely organized.  All our projects proceeded smoothly, on time, on budget and with no delays.  Communication with Marc was easy and transparent and I was kept informed in a timely matter of all aspects of project progress.  I will continue to work with Marc on all future projects. — S. Candel 2008

“Although we could make a longer list, we thought that in the following areas you showed great ability:

- A thorough knowledge of the many aspects involved …………  from permitting to finishing

- Realistic and achievable budget and time estimates

- Timely and honest follow up regarding any deficiencies after move in

- Continued commitment to our project for new small work after move in

Lastly, we think that your calm personal style and flexible approach to match our particular needs contributed significantly to the conclusion of a successful project.” — M. Burbano & L Herchen 2010

I have known Marc Paradis of Calgary for a number of years and worked with him on various construction projects, from a horse stable to a complex state of the art residence.

It was a pleasure working with Marc on these buildings. He understands construction systems and details and knows how to solve problems. He is a very good and patient communicator and has a passion for doing the best possible in any situation.

Marc introduced me to Co-housing and many other unique ideas during our frequent working lunches. I hope to continue our satisfying relationship for many more years. W. Wenzel, CET 2010

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